Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! This is a refrigerated product and needs to be put in the fridge as soon as it is received or made. The syrup can be out for a couple of days during transit, and I ship with an ice pack.

This elderberry syrup is brewed more like a tea and not shelf stable. Adding a lot of preservatives is what gives you a thick syrup like you see in grocery stores on the shelves. This is why it needs to stay cold.

Our syrup lasts about 3 months from the time it is made. It needs to be stored properly deep in the fridge and not in the door to keep it as fresh as possible. 

Shipping will be Monday and Wednesday to ensure the products do not sit through the weekend. Syrup will be shipped priority and should arrive 1-3 days upon shipping. If your product does not make it in the allotted time frame, please contact us as we all know USPS is overwhelmed. 

The is still a lot of research being done, but we estimate there to be about 400mg per teaspoon. 

The kit is not only easy, but it is fun and makes your house smell amazing! A good tip to remember is if after adding your honey and your final product doesn’t equal 24oz, just boil more water and add it to your jar. Sometimes stovetops can be too strong and evaporate the water too much, but the elderberry content stays!

Yes! Make sure to remove it from the glass bottle before storing in the freezer. 

We use the European variety, called sambucus nigra. This is the type that most medical research has been done on.