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Our story

Welcome! My name is Hope Murray, and I am a busy mama of 2 little boys. As soon as they started pre-k, they seemed to always be sick! I researched what we could do at home that was not medicine, and decided to try elderberry syrup since its just food. I started noticing how expensive it was for 4oz, and how many preservatives were in a bottle. I really wanted the benefits of elderberry, without all of the nasty junk and added sugars. I started making my own from an old family recipe. (I left out the cayenne pepper and hot sauce!) I saw a big improvement in my children with homemade syrup compared to store bought, and how much affordable it was. It has been amazing making a difference for families since 2018, and will continue to keep spreading the fresh goodness of elderberry syrup. 

The Goodness of Elderberries

The use of elderberries for it’s medicinal properties have been used and dated all the way back to Ancient Egypt. Hippocrates, known as the “father of medicine” even described the elderberry plant as his “medicine chest”. It is no wonder that this plant keeps being used and studied in the science world. 

Elderberries are rich in flavanoids , powerful antioxidants, that work to keep the immune system  strong. They are packed with antiviral agents, vitamin A, Vitamin C, fiber, and helps reduce inflammation. Elderberries mixed with spices, raw honey and even herbs create a delicious tasting superfood known as elderberry syrup!